(Lake Powell that is)

The Glen Canyon Institute's objective is to drain Lake Powell. "Save the Lake" is dedicated to providing information that the Glen Canyon Institute won't.

This site was originally created as a rebuttal to the Glen Canyon Institute Web site's "Frequently Asked Questions" page. Other pertinent subjects have been added to counter comments made by the proponents of draining Lake Powell.


We will discuss things such as:

The importance of Lake Powell to the water supply of the Intermountain West and the Southwest. (Contrary to the Environmental Defense Fund study) The reality that makes the proposal to drain Lake Powell "unrealistic" per the Secretary of the Interior and the Clinton Administration.
Who actually benefits from the Glen Canyon Dam power generation (and why the EDF "study's" statistics are not relevant).
The promises made by the proponents to drain Lake Powell on what incredible improvements will be made to the environment if Glen Canyon is "restored" and how questionable their predicted results are.
The truth concerning the amount of water "lost" from the reservoir behind Glen Canyon Dam.
The truth about the birds that have found a haven in the new ecosystem. A short time ago they stated that the eagles and peregrine falcons can "move on" which should be read as "DIE". The forestry industry never stooped to the point of saying that removing habitat would not cause the number of birds in the total population to decline - in this case significantly. Recently they have changed this to "Eagles, and Peregrine Falcons are opportunistic feeders, and can adapt as habitat changes." The statement "can adapt as habitat changes" still dismisses (or conveniently ignores) the importance of breeding habitat.
The amount of area that is still accessible for hiking, etc. with Lake Powell full. (Some have said that they don't want to see the canyons accessible because of Lake Powell - it is their loss.)
The fact that the Sierra Club, as a whole, is not in favor of the proposal to drain Lake Powell. The Board of Directors violated the club's policy that major decisions should start at the ground and work their way up.
Some background on a former member of the GCI Board of Trustees and current Field Director of the Glen Canyon Action Network (the end justifies any means).
The uninformed statement by David Wegner that "The power plant [Navajo Generating Station] is not dependent on the reservoir except for cooling water. The cooling could be accomplished by other means".
The Grand Canyon and Glen Canyon have been affected by dams in the past. Actually these natural dams were much more impressive than Glen Canyon Dam, resulted in a much more dramatic change in the downstream Ecosystem, and were in place for thousands of years.
Bruce Babbitt's July 14th interview in Page Arizona with KXAZ 93.3 FM Radio
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