Here is a excerpt from a Sierra Club meeting:

"We have a task force on the Lake Powell project. The chair is from the Glenn Canyon Institute. A citizens Assessment is being done on the draining proposal. The issues in the Colorado River delta should be included in the management of the river. If Powell is drained the delta situation may improve. There are several ESA issues involved in the Draining issue. Was this a disaster in Judgment? Utah feels Adam is pushing too hard for the Draining. The task force went for a raft trip on Powell. The second trip was over booked per the permit limits. SC spent money $10,000 to raft separately to circumvent the rafting restrictions. National was asked to fund the upcoming mtg and said they did not have the money. The hearings coming up in Congress are meant to humiliate the SC so I will advise we not accept the invitations to attend."

(Wow they seem to have deleted it!)