Well, I have an opinion on the matter being addressed. The Drainage of Lake
Powell would be a mistake, because not only have the sandstone formations
have been destroyed, but the new echo system that has been created would be
destroyed as well, and the animals may not survive this time due to the
circumstances. I think that the Sierra Club should be undertaking other
projects, rather than trying to make something happen that is virtually
impossible. Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, makes a lot of much money each
year on the tourism and industry trade for the federal government and the
Navaho Indians. They won't just let it go up in smoke, or I should say down
the drain. It has been a money maker for over Thirty years now and I don't
think the Federal Government and the Navaho tribe Will be letting go Quite so

Thank You for hearing me out.

A friendly tourist to the Utah back country.