Dear Sir:

Hi. I am a student from Hudson, Ohio. Recently, our ecology class has been
studying the Glen Canyon Dam/Lake Powell controversy. I find it interesting
that you are so strongly against draining the lake. There are many issues in
this controversy, and I do not think there is a clear yes or no clear-cut
answer to this problem. The pros and cons each hold their own ground, with
many different opinions on the lake. What we must ultimately ask ourselves is:
is the solution going to be worse than the problem? Can the people of the West
survive without this dam? Is it going to kill them if it is drained and torn
down? As for the ecosystem, we as humans made the decision to disrupt a
balanced situation and to use it for our own purposes. Do we have the right to
play Mother Nature and mess it up? That is my question. Thank you for your

(Editiorial Note: Ohio gets a great deal of precipitation making it a great haven for endangered species. If we were to make a major impact on restoring the negative envionmental impacts that man has made, this would seem like a perfect place to start. It's major economic income is from heavy industry, forestry (no old growth there), and agriculture (no natural vegitation either). I say that we start not playing Mother Nature by putting a significant percentage of Ohio back to its natural state. Those economically affected could be transplanted somewhere else, as could the wildlife that exists because of the lack of natural predators.)