To the operator of the website

So, Mr/Ms <>, I see you have posted on the web a hit piece
on the Glen Canyon Institute.  But you're not satisfied to stick to the
issues.  You seem to want to "get personal" - against me and other board
members of GCI.  That's your right, of course, but I find it quite interesting
that you don't sign your name or otherwise assume responsibility for your
attack.  You won't win any arguments with any respectable people so long as
you continue hiding behind your bogus website.

And of course you don't have the class to offer rebuttal space to those who
are the targets of your personal vendettas. 

Do you have the guts to identify yourself?  Or are you just hiding behind your

I challenge you to a debate, anytime, on the FACTS of Glen Canyon and Grand
Canyon restoration.  You will lose, but if you're determined to espouse your
views, then surely you have no qualms about speaking in a public forum, and
taking responsibility for your comments.

By the way, your personal attack on me, such as it is, doesn't bother me since
I stand completely by everything I've said.  But for you to spread
disinformation about Glen Canyon Institute and the campaign to restore Glen
Canyon the way you have is just about the lowest form of personal expression
I've seen in awhile.

I have no problem having an honest disagreement with anyone.  Your website is
a perfect example of dishonest arguments and ad hominem attacks.  I hope you
have the personal integrity to respond - politely.  Come out and let us see
who you are!

David Orr
John Muir Project
Pasadena, CA