Let me say a hearty AMEN to your well researched and
eminently reasonable page.  The plain fact of the matter is that the
people who continually agitate for the continual removal of man
made alterations to the environment are, by and large, doing so out
of misguided, emotional motivations and because of their
allegiance to a worldview which is as pagan as it is muddled and
confused.  These people are for the most part afflicted with
"paradise syndrome", a reaction to future shock in which (it is
imagined) one need only restore the environment to its supposedly
pristine "natural" state in order to cure all the ills of industrialism. 
Ignored by these ignorant agitators are such factors as 1) the
"natural" state of the environment in many places since settled by
humans was originally incredibly hostile and/or uninhabitable; 
witness the Valley of the Sun, for example, or the Zuider Zee in The
Netherlands, and 2) human intervention has often served to
PRESERVE or BETTER the environment and to do other things
like prevent extinctions.  

Additionally, very rarely have I seen any of these extremist
environmentalists who are actually living out the "convictions" they
seek to impose on the rest of us.  These are the sort of people who
do things like drive their new BMWs to a protest against oil wells. 

Groups like "Wise Use" exist to promote the supposedly
ridiculous idea that the earth was put here for use by humanity and
that the outworking of culture is a good thing as long as it is done
with an eye towards a proper stewardship of the planet. 
Admittedly, wanton pollution and waste are not stewardship, but
neither is ever increasing totalitarian overregulation.  I find it more
than a little suspicious that the "answers" put forth by radical
environmentalists to the problems of pollution and balanced
stewardship always seem to involve ever more government, higher
taxes, more regulations, and more brain dead bureaucrats. 

Bill Pellas
Louisville, KY